Front Matter

Front matter is a section at the top of every markdown page written in YAML. Its purpose is to instruct Jekyll on how to generate the page, as well as to store page-specific settings. Below is a commented example of the front matter from the Heater Agent page:

# The title that shows up in the browser tab and as the main heading of the page
title: Heater Agent

# The permalink for this page. This overrides the actual location of the file
permalink: /pages/documentation/agents/heater-agent.html

# The type of page (e.g. agent, class, ...)
layout: agent

# Tags used by theme
tags: [software, heater]

# Keywords used to identify this page in the search bar
keywords: software

# A page-specific setting used by the agent layout
agent_name: agent_heater

The three dashes before and after the front matter section are required.


Below the front matter is everything that will show up on the page. You can write whatever you wish in Github-Flavored Markdown, HTML, and Liquid.