Quick Details

Property Value
Program Name agent_heater
Agent Name heater
File agent_heater.cpp
Hardware Heater
Power Distribution Unit (PDU)


The heater agent (AKA agent_heater) is an agent that handles the heater device. Should any temperatures fall too low, the heater agent will enable the heater. Later when the temperatures readings are sufficient, the heater agent will disable the heater. For the specific temperatures different events occur at, see the temperature events table

The physical heater device is controlled using requests issued to the switch agent which, in turn, enables or disables the switched line for the heater.

All temperature values are retrieved from the temperature sensor agent.

Temperature Events

Below is a table showing the temperatures various events occur at.

Temperature (°C) Event
10 Heater Enable
20 Heater Disable


Usage: state [on | off]
Aliases: state set get

Description: Enables, disables, or displays information for the heater device.

The argument is optional:

  • If on is given, the agent will turn on the heater
  • If off is given, the agent will turn off the heater.

If this argument is not supplied, the status of the heater will be returned.



Device Property Storage Type COSMOS Name
Heater UTC double or Time device_htr_utc_000
Enabled bool device_htr_enabled_000
Voltage (V) float device_htr_volt_000

Block Diagram

Below is a software diagram demonstrating the behavior of this agent Agent block diagram