Language: C++

Agent Talk Free

Send generic messages to the network.

You can use agent_post to broadcast specific information that does not fit into the COSMOS namespace format (ex: your payload counts the number of reboots and you want to collect that information easily over the network)

Just define your specific message type in one byte (ex: 0xBF), generate your data in a custom format for your parser and send it using agent_post.

// generate data to broadcast
dataToBroadcast = "#PLD," + to_string(num_resets) + "*" + chksum;

// post information on the network with header 0xBF
iretn = agent_post(cdata, 0xBF, dataToBroadcast);
// receive new posts
iretn = agent_poll(cdata, meta, rxmessage, AGENT_MESSAGE_ALL, 1);

if (meta.type == 0xBF) {
    // do your stuff