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Property Value
Class BeagleBone
Namespace artemis
File beaglebone.py


The BeagleBone class is used to communicate between the Raspberry Pi and the BeagleBone.

Internally SSH is used to transfer information between the two onboard computers.


def copy_to(source_file, destination_file = None)

Copies source_file from the Raspberry Pi to destination_file on the BeagleBone. If the destination file is None, then it will be placed into the incoming folder on the BeagleBone, and the file name will be the same as the source file.

def copy_from(source_file, destination_file)

Copies source_file on the BeagleBone to destination_file on the Raspberry Pi.

def transmit_file(source_file, outgoing_file_name=None)

Marks the file source_file for transmission, renaming it to outgoing_file_name. If None is provided for the second argument, then the file name is unchanged.

def system(sys_call)

Runs a shell command on the BeagleBone and returns the output string.