Language: C++

Note: Not using the Artemis Development Environment? Then you should first follow the instructions for installing COSMOS from scratch.


QtCreator is an IDE (integrated development environment) targeted at C/C++ developers, and is included in the Artemis Development Environment by default.

Create a New COSMOS Project

Open up the ~/cosmos/source/projects/ directory. This folder contains all COSMOS projects that you will write.

Duplicate the project folder simpleagent_template and rename it as you wish. In this tutorial, we will use the project name my_project.

Open up QtCreator and go to File -> Open File or Project..., and open the file ~/cosmos/source/projects/my_project/CMakeLists.txt. This file contains the project configuration.

The project simpleagent_template will appear in the navigation pane on the left side of the window (you can always rename the project by editing the CMakeLists.txt file). Expand the project (double click), then expand the target my_agent and open the source file my_agent.cpp.

You should now see the my_agent.cpp source code in the editor.