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Class CubeSat
Namespace artemis
File cubesatclass.py


The CubeSat class is a container of Python objects needed to communicate with various components of the CubeSat from the Raspberry Pi


An instance of the CubeSat class is created when the artemis module is first imported. In a payload script, this can be done using the following import statement:

from artemis import cubesat

All necessary functionality is contained within the cubesat instance.

Example 1

To update the cubesat object, you can execute the update function:


Example 2

To get the acceleration vector from the IMU:

accel = cubesat.imu.acceleration

accel_x = accel[0]
accel_y = accel[1]
accel_z = accel[2]


def update(self)

Updates information stored in the cubesat object.

def transmit_file(self, source_file, outgoing_file_name=None)

Marks the file source_file for transmission, renaming it to outgoing_file_name. If None is provided for the second argument, then the file name is unchanged.

This is the same function as in the BeagleBone class

def set_shutdown_callback(self, function)

Sets the shutdown callback. The function supplied will be called when the program terminates.

def set_soh(self, soh_dictionary)

Sets the state of health message for the payload script. The value soh_dictionary is a dictionary containing relevant values.


Name: beaglebone

A BeagleBone object.

Name: agent_heater

An Agent object representing the heater agent.

Name: agent_pycubed

An Agent object representing the PyCubed agent.

Name: agent_raspi

An Agent object representing the Raspberry Pi agent.

Name: agent_sun

An Agent object representing the sun sensor agent.

Name: agent_switch

An Agent object representing the switch agent.

Name: agent_temp

An Agent object representing the temperature sensor agent.

Name: heater

The Heater object.


Name: imu

The IMU sensor object.


Name: gps

The GPS object.

Name: tempsensor

A named tuple of TempSensor objects.

Name: sunsensor

A named tuple of SunSensor objects.

Name: battery_voltage

The battery voltage in volts.

Name: battery_current

The battery charge current in mA.

Name: system_voltage

The system voltage in volts.

Name: system_current

The system current draw in mA.