The development environment collectively refers to an Ubuntu 18.04.4 disk image, and the tools and flight software it contains. Most of the setup and installation is already taken care of in this image.

For the installation process, visit the setup tutorial.

What's Inside

  • Flight Software
    • BeagleBone Software
      • Agent source code
    • Raspberry Pi Software
      • Artemis Python Library
      • Example camera script
    • PyCubed Software
      • Main code
    • COSMOS Core
    • COSMOS Web
    • SimpleAgent template project
  • Other
    • Qt Creator
      • ARM Cross Compiler
    • Utility Scripts
    • MongoDB Server
    • Doxygen
    • CMake

Built-In Scripts

Update Script

This script updates the local copy of the cubesat kit repository. If you want to update your software, use this script.

Location: home directory Usage:

$ ./update