Quick Details

Property Value
Program Name agent_sun
Agent Name sun
File agent_sun.cpp
Hardware OPT3001 I2C Sun Sensor


The sun sensor agent (aka agent_sun) is an agent that handles operations with the sun sensors. This includes initialization, configuration, and reading values from the sun sensors. Nothing is done with the values obtained from the sun sensors, but they are available for use elsewhere, such as in an ADCS agent (not included).

There are six sun sensors, with one located on each faces of the cubesat.

Sensor Names

Below is a table showing which sensor names correspond to which physical devices.

Sensor Name ID Number Physical Device PC104 Header Pin
ss_plusx 0 +X Sun Sensor TODO
ss_minusx 1 -X Sun Sensor TODO
ss_plusy 2 +Y Sun Sensor TODO
ss_minusy 3 -Y Sun Sensor TODO
ss_plusz 4 +Z Sun Sensor TODO
ss_minusz 5 -Z Sun Sensor TODO


Usage: sensor

Description: Returns the status of a given sensor.

The argument name corresponds to the name of the sun sensor.

Usage: list

Description: Lists all available sun sensors.



Device Property Storage Type COSMOS Name
Sun Sensor (+X) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_000
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_000
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_000
Sun Sensor (-X) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_001
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_001
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_001
Sun Sensor (+Y) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_002
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_002
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_002
Sun Sensor (-Y) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_003
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_003
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_003
Sun Sensor (+Z) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_004
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_004
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_004
Sun Sensor (-Z) UTC double or Time device_ssen_utc_005
Illuinance (lux) float device_ssen_temp_005
Voltage (V) float device_ssen_volt_005

Block Diagram

Below is a software diagram demonstrating the behavior of this agent Agent block diagram