Getting Started Series

This manual is currently geared towards programmers but will later be expanded for regular users. If you feel that some information is not clear, feel free to submit an issue so we can improve the information (or you add your contributions directly via a pull request).

System Requirements

To simplify the installation process, use one of the following operating systems: Linux Ubuntu 18.04 (or newer), Win 10, MacOS 10.10 (or newer). The COSMOS code is tested on these frequently so if there is a bug it will quickly be fixed.

If you are using a different OS (example: Linux CentOS) and find problems when compiling the code, please let us know by email or submit an issue in our core repository and we'll try to fix it as soon as possible.

Next we provide a step by step guide to help you to get started with COSMOS (download, install, run). We recommend following these steps listed in order for a better experience.

The most straightforward way to start with COSMOS is to install it under Linux Ubuntu 18.04. If you're on a Windows 10 computer we recommend using Windows Susbsytem for Linux and install the Ubuntu 18.04 app. Alternatively install VirtualBox and then install Ubuntu 18.04, but this approach requires a computer with enough resources (recommended RAM 16GB, Intel i7 or better).

Get Started

Install COSMOS in < 10 min (WIP)

For Win10

  1. Install WSL 2 on Win10
  2. Install Ubuntu 18.04 on WLS2
  3. COSMOS Core Installation
  4. COSMOS Web Installation